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Now, as never before, the world is witnessing the migration of individuals from one country to another. Tax planning is an essential consideration in this process — a key part of the move. Without advance planning, and consideration of tax issues, tax planning opportunities may be lost, and a family's tax position far from optimized.

Within Europe and North America, high tax rates and comprehensive tax systems demand that people with significant wealth take the time to plan their tax affairs appropriately, especially when considering an international move.

Many tax benefits may be available with a carefully planned and structured move. Professional assistance is necessary in order to maximize these tax planning opportunities, both in the immigrant's home country and the country to which the family will be moving.

In this process, it is important to have appropriate local advice, as well as a knowledge of international tax treaties, and tax planning opportunities. There is no substitute for experience in advising in this area. ITSG members have substantial experience in counselling immigrants on tax planning considerations for a move. This includes a review of any corporate structures which may be in place, consideration of taxes on investment income and capital gains, a review of pension income, stock options, and real estate, consideration of income sources, and other matters.

We take a hands-on approach to this type of planning, monitoring our recommendations and making sure they are properly implemented.

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