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ITSG Global Tax Journal is published five times a year.

May 2020 - Volume 3 No. 2

In this issue:

COVID-19: India Tax and Regulatory Update
By Jairaj Purandare and Shibani Bakshi Parekh (India)

India Fights COVID-19 in Matters in Addition to Tax
By Sakate Khaitan and Abbas Jaorawala (India)

Actions With Tax in Japan to Cope With COVID-19 Pandemic
By Jun Nagamine (Japan)

Singapore COVID-19 Support Measures and Tax Guidance
By Sunil Iyer (Singapore)

Highlights of the COVID-19 Tax Measures
By Daniel Ngumy and Kenneth Njuguna (Kenya)

COVID-19: Austria
By Dr. Niklas Schmidt (Austria)

State of Emergency Business Measures COVID-19
By Jivko Ivanov (Bulgaria)

Main Cyprus Measures in Response to COVID-19
By Alexis Joannides (Cyprus)

COVID-19 Pandemic Measures
By Petr Guth (Czech Republic)

Extraordinary French Tax Relief Measures For Enterprises
By Arnaud Jouanjan and Christophe Jolk (France)

COVID-19 – Tax Relief Measures
By Petra Eckl (Germany)

COVID-19 – V.A.T. Relief
By Petra Eckl (Germany)

COVID-19 – Tax Relief For In-Vestment Funds
By Petra Eckl (Germany)

New Tax Provisions Set Forth by Law Decree No. 18 of 17 March 2020
By Andrea Tavecchio and Riccardo Barone (Italy)

Luxembourg - Main Measures
By Graham J. Wilson (Luxembourg)

Coronavirus State of Emergency Measures
By Miguel Torres and João Luís Araújo (Portugal)

COVID-19 Tax Measures Russian Federation
By Grigory Nistratov (Russia)

COVID-19: Spanish Tax and Legal Measures
By Luis J. Durá (Spain)

Coronavirus Information Hub: F.A.Q.
By Stephan Neidhardt (Switzerland)

Coronavirus Information Hub: F.A.Q. - Financings/Financial Restructurings
By Theodor Härtsch (Switzerland)

COVID-19: Switzerland
By Aliasghar Kanani and Thierry Boitelle (Switzerland)

COVID-19: United Kingdom
By Kevin Offer and Ian Bowie (United Kingdom)

Amendments to the Taxation Regime in Argentina as a Consequence of COVID-19
By Javier Canosa (Argentina)

Tax and Customs Extraordinary Measures in Brazil - #2
By Celso Grisi, Gonçalo Falcão, Paulo Rage and Ivan Tauil (Brazil)

Chile – COVID-19 Measures
By Omar Morales (Chile)

Canada’s Financial Support During the Covid-19 Pandemic
By Peter Weissman and Matthew Cho (Canada)

U.S.: Cares Act Loans and Business Tax Provisions and I.R.S. Announce-Ments On Stranded Individuals
By Stanley C. Ruchelman and Galia Antebi (USA)

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