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Reto Luigi Pianta
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Reto Luigi Pianta
viale Stefano Franscini 1
Lugano, CH-6900
Reto Luigi
Reto Luigi Pianta, Lugano, Switzerland
    Thirty years of experience in Swiss taxation; international tax planning for mid-size companies and businesses (mainly Italian and Brazilian customers); estate and succession planning for individuals and families; lump-sum taxation arrangements for (non-Swiss) high net worth individuals; management of Swiss holding companies; management of Swiss service companies of foreign groups; real estate businesses in Switzerland with focus on taxation; consultancy for foreign groups with logistic activities; strong connections to Italy and to Brazil.
Professional Highlights
  • Founder Partner and Managing Director of Interreca SA, incorporated in 1982
  • Tax and corporate manager of North Atlantic Group, Montecarlo, during 2 years, a company of the Fidinam Group, controlling Real Estate investments and developments overseas
  • Manager of holding and service companies of the Fidinam Group, Lugano; international taxes and corporate issues, supervisor and controller of units abroad
  • CFO of a Brazilian industrial Company, Rio de Janeiro, owned by Bally Holding first and then by Oerlikon Bührle Holding
  • Bally Holding, responsible for the first consolidated F/S in the history of the Bally Group
  • License released by the Government of Cantone Ticino to act as Fiduciary, Tax and Financial Advisor
  • Member of OCCT, Lugano , the local association of auditors, business and tax consultants
  • Member of CCIA-TI, Lugano , the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of SWISSCAM BRASIL, São Paulo, Brazil (Swiss-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce)
  • Member of IECNET, Paris (International Association of Accountants, Auditors and Tax Consultants)
  • Affiliation to OAD-FCT one of the self-regulating organisations recognised and supervised by the Federal Money Laudering Control Authorithy.
    Italian, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil) and English
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